Together WE create community one experience at a time!
Are YOU ready to join us in the R.A.C.E.?
The R.A.C.E. uses creativity to support the enrichment and development of community and corporate leaders.
Whether you are a creative looking to expand or refresh your skillset, Redeemed Arts provides an experience filled with creativity and innovation to support development. Maybe as a corporate professional, you seek to upskill your people in critical areas of leadership. Possibly you are an active older adult looking to stimulate your mind or a young person looking to grow your talents and knowledge; our simple, engaging, and all-inclusive programs are for you. Our academy experience is creative, refreshing, engaging, and enriching, no matter your need.
Redeemed Arts LLC is an organization with a vision beyond creating art or providing entertainment. For this reason, we have a robust set of brand affiliations but the ultimate goal is to create a holistic Community Experience. The Vision, Mission, and Core Values for all Redeemed Arts LLC brands are the same and we desire to make them a way of life for all that partner with us.
  • Our Vision
    Building bridges for better communities of strong, compassionate, and creative residents.
  • Our Mission
    We are committed to being a community-driven organization that not only provides a haven for community creatives to share their gifts but an all-inclusive community hub. Redeemed Arts is a one-stop creative resource hub for career enhancement, cultural diversity, business incubation, and youth delinquency prevention.
  • Core Values
    Respond With GRACE
    Respond With SERVICE
    Respond With INTEGRITY
    Respond With EXCELLENCE
    Respond With COMPASSION
    Respond With APPRECIATION
We are a Missouri-registered non-profit and IRS recognized 501c3 designed as an all-inclusive hub for arts, culture, entertainment, education, and business incubation within the Greater Saint Louis, Missouri community.
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